Where to Go Stargazing After Skiing in the French Alps

Experience the Ultimate Stargazing Retreat: A Night Above the Clouds

Immerse yourself in luxury at the exquisite hotel, where the entire fifth floor is dedicated to the stunning suite that offers five bedrooms and seven balconies. Boasting a perfect blend of contemporary decor and alpine finishes, this space exudes both style and warmth, providing an idyllic setting for your celestial getaway.

As you indulge in a delectable dining experience, your taste buds are treated to an array of exquisite dishes. Picture this: Lean Fish Carpaccio served alongside green tomato gazpacho infused with tagetes, followed by Red Mullet with Zucchinis in Three Ways, complemented by verbena and bouillabaisse sauce. To conclude, savor the unique dessert of Hogweed-Flavored Fig Flowers with Savoy wine. Each bite is a culinary masterpiece, leaving you truly satisfied.

However, the true allure of this lavish dinner lies in the captivating stargazing experience that awaits you. A world away from your everyday life, you will find yourself drawn to the enchanting beauty of the night sky. Imagine, as the evening progresses, a group of passionate stargazers from Mont D’Arbois Astronomie enters the room, carrying an assortment of heavy telescopes and stargazing equipment exclusively for your enjoyment.

Despite the predominantly French presentation, their enthusiasm for stargazing is evident as they share their work in the field, captivating highlights from their events, and a glimpse into their extensive library of astrophotography (available for viewing on their informative website). The anticipation builds as you take your final sips of Génépi, a local digestif, before venturing out to the balcony, where awe-inspiring telescopes of monumental proportions await you.

Mother Nature may have played a trick on us that night, with the clouds obscuring our view, but the experience itself was unforgettable. The combination of exceptional cuisine, the company of like-minded stargazers, and the breathtaking setting of Megève created a night of stargazing that surpassed all expectations.

In addition to the exclusive A Night Above the Clouds package, our dedicated concierge is delighted to arrange personalized stargazing experiences for our esteemed guests. Whether it’s an evening at the observatory or another bespoke adventure, we strive to create memories that will last a lifetime.

Embark on a celestial journey with us, where the wonders of the universe come alive in the most extraordinary way. Discover the beauty of stargazing, amplified by unrivaled luxury and impeccable service at our esteemed hotel.

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