Top 10 Astronomy News Stories of 2023 – Sky & Telescope

In 2023, there were several significant developments in astronomy. Astronomers made a breakthrough in detecting gravitational waves emitted by supermassive black hole binaries. They used signals from pulsars across the Milky Way to identify the faint hum of these waves. Additionally, a mesmerizing solar eclipse, known as the “ring of fire,” captivated observers across the Americas. The arrival of asteroid samples brought exciting prospects for studying the role of carbonaceous chondrite asteroids in Earth’s formation. Moreover, the James Webb Space Telescope and various solar system explorers continued to shape the field of astronomy. However, amateur astronomers also made significant contributions to the field, with their readily available scopes aiding in various discoveries. These include uncovering a strange supernova, tracking asteroids, identifying new dwarf galaxies, providing insights into Venus’ atmosphere, and discovering unexplained phenomena near Andromeda. Overall, 2023 was a year of remarkable advancements in astronomy, both from professional scientists and dedicated amateurs.

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