Title: Cincinnati Observatory Appoints Dr. Wes Ryle as Chief Astronomer


The Cincinnati Observatory recently announced the appointment of Dr. Wes Ryle as its new lead astronomer. This prestigious role has been given to Dr. Ryle in recognition of his vast experience and significant contributions to the field of astronomy. As the new head astronomer, Dr. Ryle will steer the Observatory’s ongoing research, educational programs, and public outreach initiatives.

Dr. Ryle brings with him an impressive resume and a rich history in the field of astronomy. He has been a professor of physics and astronomy for several years at Thomas More University and has been instrumental in establishing the observatory at the University. His academic and professional achievements make him an ideal candidate for this key role at the Cincinnati Observatory.

The Cincinnati Observatory, known for its significant contributions to astronomical research and education, is proud to have Dr. Ryle on board. His appointment is a testament to the Observatory’s commitment to fostering innovation and excellence in the field of astronomy.

Dr. Ryle is excited about his new role and looks forward to continuing his work in research and education. He is particularly enthusiastic about the potential for public outreach. The Observatory has a long-standing commitment to making astronomy accessible to the public, and Dr. Ryle intends to continue this tradition.

The appointment of Dr. Ryle is an essential step in ensuring the future success of the Cincinnati Observatory. His innovative approach to research, passion for education, and commitment to public outreach will undoubtedly contribute to the Observatory’s mission. He will be instrumental in leading the Observatory’s team of dedicated astronomers and educators, fostering a spirit of innovation, and ensuring the Observatory remains at the forefront of astronomical research.

The Cincinnati Observatory is one of the oldest observatories in the United States, with a history dating back to 1842. It houses one of the oldest professional telescopes in the United States and hosts numerous programs for the general public, including stargazing events, lectures, and classes. With the appointment of Dr. Ryle, the Observatory aims to continue its legacy of innovation and public engagement in the field of astronomy.

In conclusion, the Cincinnati Observatory’s appointment of Dr. Wes Ryle as its new head astronomer is a significant development for the institution. This move not only recognizes Dr. Ryle’s contributions to the field but also signals the Observatory’s ongoing commitment to excellence in research, education, and public outreach. Dr. Ryle’s passion for astronomy and his innovative approach to research and education will undoubtedly contribute significantly to the Observatory’s mission and future success.

The Cincinnati Observatory has appointed a new head astronomer, Dr. Wes Ryle, who brings with him 16 years of experience in public education and outreach in the field of astronomy. Prior to this appointment, Dr. Ryle was associated with Thomas More University, where he fulfilled the roles of director of the university’s observatory and a physics professor. The Cincinnati Observatory is thrilled to have him on board due to his valuable experience and enthusiasm, which aligns with the observatory’s mission to inspire, educate, and engage the community in space science and astronomy.

The hunt for a new head astronomer began when the previous head, Dean Regas, stepped down after serving the organization for 23 years. Dr. Ryle, who is currently part-time, will take up the position in a full-time capacity starting June 17. He is excited about introducing a variety of events, programs, and classes and is keen on not repeating his presentations, reflecting his passion for astronomy’s expansive nature.

A native of Northern Kentucky, Dr. Ryle’s educational background includes a degree in physics and mathematics from Western Kentucky University, followed by master’s and doctoral degrees in physics and astronomy respectively from Georgia State University. His appointment is considered a significant milestone for the Cincinnati Observatory, which is the oldest public observatory in the nation and is dedicated to disseminating knowledge about astronomy.

In addition to his academic credentials, Dr. Ryle has been actively involved in public outreach programs since 2014. His participation includes regular presentations and volunteering at the Cincinnati Observatory’s special events and outreach nights. He has also contributed to the community through media interviews, organizing and participating in STEM camps, and engaging with local schools, libraries, and scout groups.

Dr. Ryle believes that astronomy is an excellent tool for educating people of all ages and backgrounds, given that space is a universally appealing topic. With this in mind, his goal is to leverage the public’s interest in astronomy to improve science literacy. More information about the Cincinnati Observatory and its upcoming events can be found on its official website.

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