The Ideal Use of Autonomous Technology: Stargazing Mode in Chrysler’s Halcyon Concept

The Chrysler Halcyon concept is an autonomous vehicle that is aiming to change the perception of self-driving cars. It includes a Level 4 automated system, named Drive Mode, that allows drivers to disengage completely from driving. This allows for activities such as watching movies, playing games, or even sleeping to occur during transit. The car’s pedals and steering wheel can retract and the windshield and windows can turn opaque. The vehicle can be put back into manual mode via voice recognition.

The Halcyon concept also incorporates augmented-reality (AR) technology that elevates the driving experience. One such feature is the Stargazing mode. This mode enables the Halcyon’s front seats to slide and lean back, providing occupants a view of the night sky through the expansive windshield and glass canopy. The AR system can highlight astronomical constellations in the sky, providing information in real time as the car drives.

Another innovative feature is the Tour Guide mode, wherein the car uses AR to provide information about scenic vistas and other points of interest in the vicinity. A Memory Landmark feature saves information and geotagged photos from previous locations, allowing for easy revisiting or viewing. It also allows for the sharing of these locations with friends. In addition, video calls can be conducted using the AR display.

The Halcyon concept offers a fresh perspective on the potential of autonomous vehicles. The idea of being able to enjoy a road trip without having to focus on the act of driving, and instead being able to fully appreciate the surrounding scenery, is appealing. While Level 4 autonomy may still be a few years away, the incorporation of similar features in vehicles with Level 3 autonomy, which allows the driver to remove their hands from the wheel and eyes from the road, is a promising prospect.

Chrysler’s innovative approach to autonomous vehicles is not only about improving safety and efficiency but also about enhancing the overall driving experience. This focus on user experience and interaction with the vehicle environment sets the Halcyon concept apart. It aims to blend technology and luxury to create an enriched and relaxed travel experience.

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