The Hubble Space Telescope Re-enters Sleep Mode Once More

The Hubble Space Telescope, one of NASA’s most iconic pieces of hardware, went into sleep mode more than a week ago. The event was triggered by a malfunction in one of the telescope’s three gyroscopes. These devices are crucial for maintaining the positioning of the telescope and enabling it to capture its famous images. Unusually, NASA didn’t announce the issue publicly until May 31, a week after the event.

The malfunction is not a new issue for the Hubble Space Telescope, which has been operational since 1990 and was last serviced in 2009. This recurring issue is a challenge for the agency, which expects the telescope to continue making discoveries well into this decade and potentially beyond.

NASA plans to present its strategy for resolving the problem and resuming the telescope’s operations at a press conference scheduled for 4:00 P.M. ET today. NASA’s director of the Astrophysics Division and Hubble’s Program Manager will lead the presentation.

It’s worth noting that the press conference won’t feature any major figures like Administrator Nelson or representatives from SpaceX or the Polaris Program. This suggests that the proposed solution may not involve a free servicing mission, an idea proposed by Jared Issacman but not yet approved by top officials, according to an NPR report.

At present, although the Hubble Space Telescope remains in sleep mode, it is still healthy, as per NASA’s latest update. The space agency’s forward plan for the telescope and its recovery from this malfunction is eagerly awaited by the scientific community and space enthusiasts alike.

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