Successful Deployment of Tyvak International’s Centauri-6 Satellite by Terran Orbital into Orbit

Tyvak International, a subsidiary of Terran Orbital Corporation and a leading European provider of nano and microsatellites, has successfully launched the Centauri-6 satellite. The satellite was developed in a joint venture with Fleet Space Technologies, an Australian company revolutionizing space technologies.

The Centauri-6 was deployed from the SpaceX Bandwagon-1 mission, which launched from the Kennedy Space Center in Florida. The successful launch of the satellite has been attributed to the strong collaboration between Tyvak International and Fleet Space Technologies, demonstrating their combined expertise in miniaturization and advanced satellite manufacturing.

The Centauri-6 satellite will significantly enhance Fleet Space’s satellite constellation, specifically improving the company’s end-to-end mineral exploration solution, ExoSphere. The satellite will also boost Fleet Space’s capacity to deliver advanced Satellite Communication (SATCOM) capabilities with microsatellite architectures.

The Centauri-6 satellite follows the successful deployment of Centauri-3, Centauri-4, and Centauri-5, which were launched in March 2021, June 2021, and May 2022, respectively. These satellites utilize cutting-edge technologies to deliver revolutionary satellite-enabled solutions to global clients.

Built on Tyvak International’s advanced avionics platform, the Centauri-6 features a unique Internet of Things (IoT) payload developed by Fleet Space. This highlights the efficiency and scalability of modern satellite manufacturing methods, with Fleet Space’s payload manufactured using advanced techniques like 3D printing. This streamlined approach represents a path towards efficient and agile mass-scale satellite manufacturing in the future.

Fleet Space’s satellite constellation is transforming various sectors, including space exploration, defense, and mineral discovery. For instance, it enables the delivery of 3D subsurface models for exploration customers within days using the company’s Exosphere technology. Additionally, it offers advanced SATCOM capabilities with highly efficient connectivity.

Tyvak International, based in Torino, Italy, is a leading European provider of nano and microsatellites and specializes in execution and delivery. On the other hand, Fleet Space Technologies, headquartered in Adelaide, Australia, is a leading space exploration company that is revolutionizing critical mineral discovery and space technologies with its satellite-enabled solutions and seismic array technology.

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