Stunning Award-Winning Capture of SpaceX Falcon Heavy Rocket and the Moon in a Single Frame

Pascal Fouquet, an Orlando-based photographer, won the first place in the United States’ National Award for the Sony World Photography Awards 2024 with an exceptional photograph of a rocket transiting the moon. The awards program, a collaboration between Sony and the World Photography Organization, attracts hundreds of thousands of submissions from around the world each year.

Fouquet’s winning shot features a Falcon Heavy rocket, which was launched by SpaceX just before the new year. The launch was part of the United States Space Force’s USSF-52 mission which saw the uncrewed X-37B spaceplane take off from NASA’s Kennedy Space Center in Florida on December 28. This marked the seventh launch for the secretive X-37B spaceplane which remains in orbit at the time the article was published. In its previous mission, the X-37B set a new record for itself by staying on orbit for 908 days.

The prestigious photograph was taken from an open field behind a hospice center, a location which Fouquet chose after scouting for an ideal spot to capture the rare sight. The key to achieving the perfect shot, according to Fouquet, was to adjust the camera settings to focus on the details of the moon rather than the rocket. Using a Nikon D850, he set his shutter speed to 1/1600 of a second, which allowed him to capture the precise moment the Falcon Heavy passed in front of the moon.

Fouquet’s award-winning image can be viewed on the World Photography Organization’s website, alongside the winners from the other categories of the 2024 National & Regional Awards Winners & Shortlist. This achievement is a testament to the photographer’s skill and dedication, as well as a significant contribution to the field of space photography. The image not only captures a rare event in space exploration but also illustrates the technological advancements in rocket launches and the ongoing efforts in space research and exploration.

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