Stargazing highlights to watch for in 2024

The video above showcases the highly anticipated 2024 solar eclipse. This celestial event, set to occur on April 8, will be visible across parts of the U.S., Mexico, and Canada. It will feature the moon aligning perfectly in front of the sun, creating a shaded circle effect. While the solar eclipse is a significant event, there are other exciting astronomical occurrences throughout the year that stargazers can enjoy without special equipment. To maximize the viewing experience, it is recommended to find a location with minimal light pollution. Stacker has compiled a list of notable astronomical events in 2024, including the conjunction of Venus and Mars on February 22, the appearance of zodiacal light in late February, and the sighting of the “devil comet” on April 12. In addition, the Perseids meteor shower on August 12, the supermoon on August 19, and the Geminid meteor shower in December are also highlighted. Lastly, 2024 is predicted to have increased aurora activity, offering more opportunities to witness the mesmerizing northern lights.

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