Spot the Rosy Luna: Essential Stargazing Advice and Your Chance to Witness the Full Moon THIS EVENING

Tonight’s sky will offer a captivating display for Cornwall’s residents and astronomy enthusiasts as the Spring season officially begins with the highly anticipated Pink Moon. The Pink Moon, which is visible after sunset at 8 PM and peaks at 11:49 PM, is not actually pink but derives its name from the vibrant ‘moss pink herb’ or ‘creeping phlox’ flowers that bloom this time of year in the Northern Hemisphere.

The Pink Moon is a symbol of the advent of Spring and its appearance is one of the earliest and most recognizable signs of the new season, making it an important event in the astronomical calendar. For those eager to experience this celestial event, there are a few expert tips from Parkdean Resorts.

Firstly, it’s recommended to seek out higher altitudes for a better view of the sky. Cornwall, with its diverse landscape, provides many suitable locations. Minimising light pollution is also key, so turning off indoor lights can drastically improve the quality of the view from home. Clear skies are crucial for an optimal stargazing experience, and the forecast for tonight promises ideal viewing conditions.

To further enhance the experience, technology can be a handy tool. Apps like Star Chart, which is available for AR-enabled Apple or Android devices, can help identify celestial objects, adding an educational aspect to the observation. The Time and Date website can also be useful, as it provides information on the best times to observe different planets and stars based on your location.

For those interested in further stargazing opportunities, Parkdean Resorts’ blog offers additional tips and ideal locations for night sky enthusiasts. The Pink Moon is just one of the many astronomical events that can be observed throughout the year in Cornwall’s diverse and beautiful landscapes. Whether you’re planning a quiet night in your garden or a small trip to a local high point, the Pink Moon offers a perfect opportunity to appreciate the wonders of the universe.

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