Space Startups Receive $66M Investment from SKY Perfect JSAT

SKY Perfect JSAT, a renowned satellite company based in Tampa, Florida, recently unveiled its future plans at the 2024 Space Startup Connect event held in Tokyo. The firm plans to invest approximately $66 million in space-centric startups and venture funds over the next six years, demonstrating its commitment to progressing space technology.

By promising significant advancements in space technology and communications, JSAT has pledged an impressive 150 billion yen (equivalent to $991 million) by the end of the decade, underscoring the company’s intense drive for innovation. JSAT’s goal is to stimulate revolutionary developments in space communication and exploration, further solidifying its role as a major international participant in space tech innovation.

JSAT, with a 30-year history and a fleet of 17 geostationary satellites, shifted its focus to space-based intelligence services in 2019, marking its active participation in the global satellite and space industry. Its investments support promising projects, such as iQPS, a company known for its innovative work on radar nanosatellites.

As part of its future-oriented vision, JSAT aims to leverage satellite technology to address various social and environmental problems. For instance, a startup launched by JSAT this year led the way in using in-orbit lasers to control space debris. Moreover, the company’s investment portfolio continues to grow through strategic alliances, including a notable partnership with a leading Earth image analysis firm.

JSAT also collaborates with the Spacetide Foundation, showing its dedication to nurturing a sustainable ecosystem for space startups. This productive partnership underlines their shared vision of stimulating innovation in the space industry and strengthening Japan’s space exploration initiatives.

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