Six Vendors Selected by Space Force for ASTRO-E Research Agreements

The U.S. Space Force has granted six companies contracts to conduct studies aimed at advancing the development of on-orbit and ground infrastructure for electronic warfare test and training environments. This initiative forms part of the Advanced Space Technology for Range Operations – Electromagnetic Range program. The awarded contracts mark the beginning of a six-month performance period that commenced on February 29.

The companies that were awarded the contracts are ExoAnalytic Solutions, HII Mission Technologies, Lockheed Martin, NouSystems, Parsons Government Services, and TMC Design. These vendors are expected to aid in the planning phase for enhancements to the National Space Test and Training Complex under the Space Training and Readiness Command’s (STARCOM) ASTRO-E project. These contracts were secured through the Space Enterprise Consortium’s other transaction authority agreement, a cooperative research project agreement.

The ASTRO-E initiative is focused on accelerating the development of an integrated testing infrastructure. This will allow space warfighters to verify and authenticate systems under test. The main objective of this initiative is to ensure the protection of the U.S. space domain and uphold national security. This is especially crucial in the current geopolitical climate where space is increasingly being recognized as a potential theater for warfare.

The Space Systems Command and Space Training and Readiness Command are the two entities responsible for awarding the ASTRO-E study contracts. The Space Systems Command is in charge of acquisitions for the U.S. Space Force, while STARCOM is responsible for training and readiness. This collaboration demonstrates a concerted effort to enhance the United States’ capabilities in space.

The chosen companies span a wide range of expertise. ExoAnalytic Solutions is a world-leading provider of space situational awareness services. HII Mission Technologies specializes in information technology services, NouSystems delivers performance-driven solutions, Parsons Government Services provides technology-driven solutions, and TMC Design is an engineering firm that specializes in developing innovative solutions for complex problems. Lockheed Martin, a global security and aerospace company, is perhaps the best-known of the awardees.

By securing these contracts, these companies will contribute to the U.S. Space Force’s mission to ensure America’s dominance in space. The studies they will conduct will likely have a significant impact on the future of space warfare and the U.S’s capabilities in space.

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