No Animals Used in Capsule Launch, Iranian Space Agency Confirms

The Iranian Space Agency (ISA) has recently made a significant shift in its space exploration practices. In response to the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), the ISA has confirmed that no real animals were used in its recent space capsule launch on December 6. This marks a departure from the agency’s history of exploiting animals for scientific purposes. Instead, the ISA opted for humane “simulation kits and sensors” to collect the necessary data.

PETA, an animal rights organization, had reached out to the ISA, urging them to cease the use of animals in their space program. In a letter to PETA, the ISA expressed their commitment to sparing vulnerable animals from the confusion, terror, and potential danger associated with space travel. Shalin Gala, PETA Vice President, commended the ISA’s decision and emphasized the importance of utilizing modern, animal-free technology for future space explorations.

In the past, the ISA has been criticized for its exploitation of animals in space exploration. One notable incident occurred in 2013 when a monkey was crudely strapped into a restraint device and launched into orbit. Monkeys, rodents, turtles, and worms have all been subjected to space missions by the agency. However, PETA’s persistent campaigns against such practices have influenced other space agencies, such as NASA and the European Space Agency, to discontinue experiments involving animals.

PETA, guided by its motto that “animals are not ours to experiment on,” opposes speciesism and advocates for the use of modern, cruelty-free technology in space exploration. While commending the ISA’s recent shift towards humane practices, PETA remains vigilant and vows to monitor the agency until the use of animals in space exploration is completely eliminated. The advocacy group continues to push for the adoption of cruelty-free technology in the quest to unravel the mysteries of outer space.

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