Nasa awards ‘Astronomy Picture of the Day’ to Italian photographer’s shot of moon

The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) has awarded the prestigious title of “Astronomy Picture of the Day” to an extraordinary photograph of the moon. This stunning image, captured in Turin, Italy by photographer Valerio Minato, perfectly aligns the moon with the Basilica of Superga’s dome and the majestic Monviso mountain, making it a truly one-in-a-million shot.

Minato’s passion for this photograph began in 2017, and he spent six years tirelessly perfecting it. His dedication and patience paid off, resulting in a breathtaking image that showcases the beauty and precision of celestial alignment.

In an interview with Turin-based news agency Corriere Torino, Minato shared his journey of capturing this remarkable shot. He explained that he had been photographing the city of Turin from various angles and distances since 2012. It was in 2017 that he discovered the perfect location to capture the alignment of the Basilica of Superga’s dome and Monviso mountain.

To achieve this remarkable photograph, Minato meticulously studied the moon’s phases, horizon position, and even the weather conditions. He patiently waited for the precise moment when the moon would be in the ideal position, resulting in a crescent half-illuminated by the ashen light of reflection.

On December 15, after five years of cloudy weather, Minato finally had the opportunity to capture the shot he had been dreaming of. The resulting image is a testament to his technical expertise, keen observation skills, and unwavering determination.

While some netizens praised Minato’s work and expressed gratitude for showing them Turin in a new light, others raised suspicions of photomontages or artificial intelligence. In response, Minato emphasized the importance of technique, patience, and a keen eye for observation in photography. He urged fellow photographers to appreciate authenticity and the power of a well-crafted photograph.

Minato’s remarkable achievement serves as a reminder that technology is not the sole source of wonder and inspiration. Sometimes, it is the combination of skill, dedication, and a unique perspective that produces truly extraordinary results. As we continue on our individual paths, let us remember the value of authenticity and the power of a thoughtful and prepared photograph.

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