Melody of the Heavens: Observing Stars in Morocco | Scientific and Technological Perspectives

Rania Abdelmoutalib, a PhD scholar and active member of the Stargazers of Marrakesh, is dedicated to tracing stars at the Oukaimeden Observatory, situated in a secluded mountainous village in Morocco. She operates the large-scale telescopes at the observatory that stand majestically against the backdrop of the ancient mountains. Each star she observes carries its unique history, and Rania is passionate about exploring and understanding these celestial objects. She not only indulges in her fascination with the cosmos but also engages with the local villagers who come to visit the observatory. She takes delight in sharing her knowledge of the stars and the joy of stargazing with them, drawing comparisons between terrestrial and celestial events.

Adnane Baraka, a Marrakesh-based Moroccan independent filmmaker and musician, has created a feature documentary named “Fragments from Heaven”, which debuted at the Locarno Film Festival. Following its premiere, the documentary was showcased at several international festivals, where it received multiple awards. This documentary, presumably related to the celestial world, further adds to the richness of the stargazing community in Morocco.

The Oukaimeden Observatory, where Rania volunteers, is a significant institution in the field of Moroccan astronomy. It offers a perfect location for stargazing, with minimal light pollution and clear night skies. The observatory’s large telescopes provide an extraordinary opportunity for astronomers and stargazing enthusiasts to delve into the mysteries of the universe.

Rania’s interaction with the villagers and her shared enthusiasm for stars help bridge the gap between complex astronomical concepts and the local community. Her endeavors also contribute to promoting astronomy as a fascinating and accessible field of study in Morocco, inspiring more people to explore the wonders of the universe.

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