Kayhan Space: Making Spaceflight Safer | by Alumni Ventures | Dec, 2023

Kayhan Space, a company powered by machine learning, is offering satellite operators a solution to avoid potential collisions with other satellites and space debris. With the increasing number of satellites in low-Earth orbit (LEO), the risk of accidents has also grown, posing a potential annual damage cost of $103 million. Kayhan Space’s cloud-based collision-avoidance services, provided through its Pathfinder platform, leverage machine learning models to analyze observation and telemetry data from satellite operators. This helps in providing complete situational awareness of satellite constellations, enabling operators to avoid nearby satellites, space debris, and other risks.

The Pathfinder platform utilizes machine learning to identify unique patterns of satellites and spatial debris. It automatically adjusts course based on factors such as input objects, trajectories, resistance, and obstacles. By integrating spaceflight operations tools, Kayhan offers a scalable, cloud-based collision avoidance service. The platform provides satellite operators with intuitive close approach insights and actionable avoidance recommendations. Currently, Kayhan serves over 22 operators, both commercial and governmental, with a total of more than 700 satellites.

The company’s technical founders, CEO Siamak Hesar and CTO Araz Feyzi, bring extensive expertise to the table. Hesar, an astrodynamics expert, has supported multiple NASA missions and served as Chief Scientist at SpaceNav. Feyzi, with a background in automation and software startup experience, adds valuable knowledge to the team.

The market for space technology is experiencing significant growth, with the global space ecosystem expanding by 91% over the past decade, reaching $546 billion in 2022. The Space Foundation projects that the market will reach $800 billion in the next five years. Recognizing the potential, established lead investors such as Space Capital and Eve Atlas have supported Kayhan’s seed extension. Space Capital’s founder, Chad Anderson, is highly regarded in the space startup industry.

Alumni Ventures’ investment in Kayhan Space’s $7 million seed extension was sponsored by Castor Ventures, specifically for the MIT community. Other participants in the round include Overline, Initialized Capital Management, and Dylan Taylor, Co-Founder and CEO of Voyager Space. The funding will be utilized by Kayhan to expand its workforce, establish an office in Washington, D.C., and introduce new products and services.

With Kayhan Space’s innovative machine learning-powered platform, satellite operators can enhance their situational awareness and mitigate the risk of collisions with other satellites and space debris. This solution is imperative as the number of active satellites in LEO continues to grow, ensuring the safety and longevity of space exploration and satellite operations.

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