Government Missions to Benefit from AST SpaceMobile’s Space-Based Cellular Network via New Agreement

AST SpaceMobile, a pioneering company in space-based cellular broadband technology, has recently announced a major achievement – a contract awarded by a prime contractor on behalf of the U.S. Government that will generate revenue for the company. This development not only represents a significant milestone in the company’s evolution but also highlights the expanding role of AST SpaceMobile in improving global communication systems via its advanced satellite network.

The company’s Chief Commercial Officer and Head of Government Business, Chris Ivory, expressed enthusiasm about the new partnership with the government. He emphasized the importance of AST SpaceMobile’s patented technology and its potential to introduce new capabilities that are critical to government operations. Ivory stated that the company’s large phased array antenna technology in space is poised to revolutionize government communications by providing robust, resilient solutions, and enabling a range of new use cases.

The contract involves specific tasks that leverage AST SpaceMobile’s space-based network located in low Earth orbit (LEO), marking a significant point in the company’s growth. While the financial specifics of the contract remain confidential, its implementation will be supported by the company’s operational BlueWalker 3 satellite, along with the next five commercial satellites. Such revenue-generating contracts are crucial as they demonstrate the versatile, dual-use capabilities of AST SpaceMobile’s technology.

AST SpaceMobile is leading the way in building the world’s first global cellular broadband network in space. This network is uniquely designed to directly connect with standard, unmodified mobile devices. The goal of this project is to solve the connectivity challenges faced by over five billion mobile subscribers worldwide by providing broadband access to those who still lack a reliable internet connection. The project is backed by an extensive intellectual property and patent portfolio, with a dedicated team of engineers and space scientists working tirelessly to bridge the world’s connectivity gaps.

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