Giant Moon: Top Locations to Stargaze in Hampshire during Flower Moon

The first full moon of May, known as the Flower Moon, is about to reach its peak, providing a spectacular sight for stargazers around the globe. This unique astronomical occurrence is the brightest and largest full moon of the year, as reported by the Royal Museums Greenwich.

In the UK, the moon, also referred to as the Planting Moon, is expected to rise at 9.59pm on Thursday, May 23, according to the BBC’s Sky at Night Magazine. It will reach its fullest on Sunday, May 26, at approximately 12.13pm British Summer Time (BST). The Royal Museums Greenwich recommends that to best view the Super Flower Moon, stargazers should be outside after day on either May 25 or May 26. The moon will also appear bright and full on the preceding Friday.

The last similar event was the Pink Moon in April. This forthcoming astronomical event is expected to attract many enthusiasts searching for the perfect spot to enjoy the spectacle.

The article mentions several ideal stargazing sites in Hampshire, England. The South Downs Dark Sky Reserve, despite its proximity to London, is known for its clear, dark skies and is a popular spot for astronomers. It hosts numerous stargazing events and has several prime viewing locations. Another recommended location is the Winchester Science Centre and Planetarium, a Dark Sky Discovery Site where stargazing is officially recognized.

Other potential spots include White Hill Car Park in Kingsclere, Cliddesden Primary School (where the Basingstoke Astronomical Society organizes events), and Old Winchester Hill Nature Reserve, another Dark Sky Discovery Site. Kingsclere Downs and St Catherine’s Hill in Winchester are also good spots, although they may suffer from light pollution. The Danebury Iron Age Hillfort, located near Andover, is a considerable distance from towns or cities and offers plenty of space and views.

The article suggests that rural areas such as Overton, Whitchurch, Alresford, and Stockbridge might be ideal for those wishing to fully experience the event. These locations may provide the best viewing experiences, but potential visitors should be aware of possible light pollution, parking charges, and varying facilities.

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