Exolaunch and UN Office for Outer Space Affairs to Offer Free CubeSats Launch Opportunities

The United Nations Office for Outer Space Affairs (UNOOSA) and Exolaunch GmbH have entered into a collaboration to offer free launch opportunities for Cube Satellites (CubeSats). This move is part of the Access to Space for All initiative, which is aimed at fostering the development of space science and technology, especially in developing countries, through offering hands-on and educational opportunities.

The Access to Space for All initiative has played a significant role in supporting the launch of the first satellite in four different countries. It has also helped to develop more CubeSats and payloads. These CubeSats have contributed to several Sustainable Development Goals and have helped to build human capital. They have also helped to foster interest in STEM education and space careers among young citizens in their respective countries.

The initiative has also played a key role in ensuring that governments align with international space law, registration practices, and guidelines. The development of CubeSats has now become affordable and is viewed as an achievable entry point into space activities for many. This collaboration between UNOOSA and Exolaunch is expected to offer more chances for UN Member States to engage in space activities, given the increasing demand for access to space.

Aarti Holla Maini, the Director of UNOOSA, expressed her gratitude to Exolaunch for offering more developing countries the opportunity to access space. She also highlighted the increased benefits of space technology and its applications in support of the Sustainable Development Goals. Dmitriy Sternharz, the Founder and CEO of Exolaunch, also expressed the company’s honor to collaborate with UNOOSA and its commitment to fostering growth in the STEM field. He also highlighted the positive impact the partnership is expected to have on global space endeavors and the implementation of Sustainable Development Goals.

The partnership between UNOOSA and Exolaunch underscores the important role of satellites in the world and their commitment to promoting the development of space activities and cooperation in the peaceful uses of outer space. This collaboration is expected to make a significant contribution to the development of space science and technology, particularly in developing countries.

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