Episode 96 of This Week In Outer Space Podcast: Welcome to Space Television!

In the latest episode of “This Week In Space”, hosts Rod Pyle and Tariq Malik discuss the evolution and future of science television with veteran History Channel producer Jeff Stepp. Stepp, known for his contribution to quality science programming, shares insights into the production process and conception of shows like “The UnXplained: With William Shatner”.

The episode explores how space and science television has progressed from early influential shows like “Mr. Wizard” and “Bill Nye, The Science Guy”. The hosts and guest discuss what goes into creating compelling, accurate, and informative content for audiences interested in space exploration and scientific discovery. The discussion also touches upon the future of space and science-oriented media, reflecting on the role of such programming in educating and engaging the public.

The episode also includes mention of a new offering from model rocket maker, Estes. The company has created a stunning scale model of a Falcon 9 rocket, a product of SpaceX. This detailed and launch-ready model, which retails at $149.99, provides space enthusiasts with the opportunity to experience the thrill of launching their own rocket.

“This Week in Space” is a podcast that delves into various topics related to the new space age. It offers a deep dive into fascinating subjects every Friday, tackling questions about the race to the moon, interplanetary exploration, and SpaceX’s plans for Mars. The show is hosted by Rod Pyle, an author, journalist, television producer, and Editor-in-Chief of “Ad Astra” magazine, and Tariq Malik, the Editor-in-Chief of Space.com.

Pyle, a space author and historian, has written 18 books on space history, exploration, and development. He has also produced numerous documentaries and worked in visual effects for shows like “Star Trek: Deep Space Nine”. Malik, on the other hand, has been with Space.com since 2001 and is responsible for its editorial vision. He has covered space news and science for 18 years and presented space stories on various platforms including CNN, Fox News, and NPR.

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