CVAS Astronomy Club Opens its Doors to New Enthusiasts

The Chippewa Valley Astronomical Society (CVAS), a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting astronomy in western Wisconsin, is inviting new members to join their club. CVAS, known for its extensive outreach activities and events, seeks to enrich public understanding of astronomy and provide a supportive community for amateur astronomers.

The CVAS, located in Fall Creek, operates a public observatory that houses two large telescopes. The organization offers regular viewing nights where members and the public can observe celestial objects through these powerful instruments. The society also hosts astronomy-related presentations and discussions, and members can engage in astrophotography sessions.

The CVAS club has a broad membership that includes both experienced astronomers and beginners. The members range in age from teens to retirees, reflecting the universal appeal of astronomy. The club is welcoming to new enthusiasts and provides ample opportunities for learning and growth in the field.

The club’s observatory, named the Hobbs Observatory, is a major asset. It has two domes, each housing a large telescope. One is a 24-inch Newtonian reflector, while the other is a 14-inch Schmidt-Cassegrain. These telescopes allow for detailed views of planets, galaxies, and other deep-space objects.

The CVAS is not only about observation but also about education. They hold monthly meetings featuring guest speakers who are experts in the field of astronomy. These meetings are open to the public and often include discussions on current astronomical events, celestial navigation, astrophotography, and other related topics.

Members of CVAS also contribute to the broader astronomical community. They participate in star parties, where they share their knowledge and love for astronomy with the public. The club also collaborates with local schools and other institutions to promote scientific literacy and create a fascination for the cosmos among younger generations.

CVAS membership benefits include access to the observatory and its equipment, participation in special events and star parties, subscription to the club’s newsletter, and the opportunity to join a community of astronomy enthusiasts. The annual membership fee is modest and is used to maintain the observatory and fund the club’s activities.

The Chippewa Valley Astronomical Society is an excellent platform for individuals interested in astronomy to learn more about the universe, engage with like-minded people, and contribute to the community’s astronomical education. Its efforts to promote astronomy highlight the importance of scientific literacy and the joy of cosmic exploration.

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