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China has been demonstrating its capabilities in space recently with the successful launch of a reusable test spacecraft and a remote sensing satellite. The reusable spacecraft, launched on December 14th, is China’s third launch of its kind and is expected to stay in orbit for an extended period to conduct experiments. This marks another breakthrough in China’s space technology.

In comparison, the US’s Space Exploration Technologies Corp (SpaceX) had announced the launch of the US Space Force’s X-37B space plane, but the launch was delayed multiple times. The X-37B space plane, developed by Boeing, has completed six space missions and spent a record 908 days in orbit. It is believed to have capabilities for intercepting, repairing, and potentially sabotaging other countries’ satellites.

Some observers suggest that China’s focus on developing reusable spacecraft is to close the gap with the US in the aerospace sector. China’s improvement in this area has exceeded industry expectations, and it has already demonstrated its ability to launch, control orbit, and re-enter safely. The country is steadily developing its reusable spacecraft technology and is expected to have more types in the future.

On December 15th, China successfully launched the Long March-5 Y6 rocket with the Yaogan-41 satellite as payload. This satellite is a high-orbit optical remote sensing satellite and is expected to have various applications, including military conflict preparedness. It possesses high-speed surveillance capabilities and can provide real-time surveillance on surface and airborne targets.

Overall, China’s recent space launches highlight its growing capabilities in space technology. The country’s focus on reusable spacecraft and the development of high-orbit remote sensing satellites demonstrate its determination to become a major player in the aerospace sector.

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