China’s 63rd rocket launch of year puts four satellites into orbit

China successfully launched its 63rd rocket of the year, placing four satellites into orbit. The Kuaizhou 1A carrier rocket took off from the Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center in China’s Gobi Desert. Developed by China Space Sanjiang Group, the 20-meter rocket has a liftoff weight of 30 metric tons and is capable of sending payloads into sun-synchronous and low-Earth orbits.

The four satellites launched are part of the Tianmu 1 meteorological observation network. Their main objective is to survey atmospheric environmental elements globally. The mission marks the 23rd flight of the Kuaizhou 1A model and the fourth launch this year.

China Aerospace Science and Industry Corp, the State-owned space contractor, revealed that the solid-propellant rocket successfully placed the satellites into preset orbits. This achievement showcases China’s continued advancements in space technology.

The successful launch contributes to China’s efforts in space exploration and satellite development. The country’s space agency, China National Space Agency, plays a crucial role in pushing the boundaries of space science and technology.

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This significant milestone in China’s space program highlights the nation’s commitment to expanding its capabilities in space exploration. The continuous rocket launches demonstrate China’s determination to become a prominent player in the global space industry.

(Source: Xinhua News Agency)

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