Carnegie Science Center’s SkyWatch Event Features Rooftop Stargazing Experience

The Carnegie Science Center is hosting a stargazing event on Saturday, July 13, known as Skywatch. The event, which will take place between 9pm and 11pm, will include a feature show at the Buhl Planetarium, along with a variety of astronomical activities. Professional telescopes will be made available for use, and there will also be opportunities for rooftop stargazing.

Visitors attending the event will have the chance to observe the “Heart of the Scorpio” and craters on the waxing gibbous moon. They can also witness the Alpha Capricornid meteor shower. The event is planned to go ahead regardless of the weather conditions. In the case of bad weather, the activities will be moved indoors and the planetarium show will be extended.

The price for a ticket to the SkyWatch event is $12 per person, with a discounted rate of $10 for members of the Carnegie Museums. It is recommended that those wishing to attend should register in advance. More information about the event and the option to purchase tickets can be found at the Carnegie Science Center’s website.

The SkyWatch event is perfect for those with an interest in astronomy and the night sky. It provides a unique opportunity to observe celestial bodies and events with the aid of professional equipment and guidance. It is also a great way for families to spend an evening together, learning and having fun at the same time.

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In conclusion, the SkyWatch event at the Carnegie Science Center provides a unique opportunity for stargazers to explore the starry frontier and learn more about the cosmos. Whether you’re a seasoned astronomer or a beginner, this event promises to be an illuminating and enjoyable experience.

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