Bryan Kohberger, Accused of Murder, Insists on Phone Data Supporting His ‘Stargazing’ Defense

Bryan Kohberger, who stands accused of the murder of four University of Idaho students, appeared in court again on May 23. The defense team representing Kohberger requested the judge to direct the prosecution to disclose crucial evidence such as cellphone tower data that they believe substantiate Kohberger’s alibi. This evidence also includes dash camera footage from the time of Kohberger’s arrest at his parents’ residence in Pennsylvania, as well as video and audio material of a white sedan at the crime scene, along with lab test results that led to Kohberger’s apprehension.

To further strengthen their case, the defense introduced a witness who could testify regarding the cell tower data they claim validates Kohberger’s alibi. Kohberger has repeatedly stated that he was on a late-night drive for stargazing, a regular hobby of his, at the time of the murders. His route, as described by his attorney, took him through several areas including Wawawai Park, but crucially, not near the crime scene.

However, the prosecution disputes this claim, arguing that the pings from cellphone towers indicate Kohberger was in the vicinity of the off-campus residence where the students were murdered. In a countermove, Kohberger’s defense team has attempted to have the case dismissed, alleging inadmissible evidence, a prejudiced grand jury, and prosecutorial misconduct. Judge John Judge, presiding over the case, has denied this motion.

The families of the victims are eagerly awaiting the setting of a trial date, voicing their concerns over the prolonged process. The brutal murder of the four students had a significant impact on the town of Moscow. At the time of the crime, Kohberger was pursuing his PhD in criminal justice and criminology at Washington State University, situated approximately 10 miles from Moscow. He was arrested and charged with four counts of first-degree murder seven weeks post the tragic event.

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