Bill Nye Leads Stellar Observation Event in Fredericksburg Amid Total Eclipse.

Famed ’90s TV personality and science educator Bill Nye, also known as ‘The Science Guy’, is set to headline a two-day event in Fredericksburg, Texas, called Eclipse-O-Rama, centered around the upcoming total solar eclipse. Scheduled for April 7-8, the event will be held at The Lodge at Country Inn Cottages and will feature a plethora of scientific discussions, evening star observation, and an opportunity to experience the solar eclipse.

The Eclipse-O-Rama will commence with an opening ceremony led by Mat Kaplan, host of the Planetary Society’s radio show. The grand finale will be a ‘Star Party’, planned to last from 9 p.m. until the night sky is filled with stars, as outlined by Nye’s organization, The Planetary Society. Other confirmed attendees include YouTuber Mark Rober, Science Bob, and radio host Sarah Al-Ahmed, who will contribute to the event’s educational content. Passes for the event start at $325, with additional premium features available for a fee.

In addition to the main attractions and the solar eclipse, which will be visible from Fredericksburg for exactly 4 minutes and 24 seconds, attendees will enjoy music, interactive science experiments, and a wide selection of food. Fredericksburg, known as an International Dark Sky Community due to its low levels of light pollution, makes for an ideal location for stargazing and celestial observation. Furthermore, its central location between Austin and San Antonio airports makes it easily accessible for those travelling to witness the eclipse.

The event will also feature other notable space enthusiasts, including Tim Dodd (the Everyday Astronaut), and key figures from The Planetary Society such as Heidi Hammel, President Bethany Ehlmann, and Chief Scientist Bruce Betts. This presents a unique opportunity for members of The Planetary Society to gather and experience the eclipse in person. Non-members wishing to attend can obtain membership by signing up at the Explorer level during registration, as noted on the event page. Online registration is available for those interested in securing their spot at this celestial event.

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