Ancient Astronomy Lecture Series Returns in June and July, Courtesy of SJPL | Leisure Activities

The St. Joseph Public Library (SJPL) in Missouri is set to host a series of Ancient Astronomy lectures this summer, with Dr. Jay Lemanski delivering the talks. The lectures will be held at the Downtown Public Library on Felix Street in St. Joseph.

The inaugural lecture, scheduled for June 15th at 1 p.m., is titled “How Do We Know? The Case of MUL.MUL.” This lecture aims to demystify how Assyriologists identify stars and planets from Sumerian and Akkadian names, using the MUL.MUL case study as an example. The case study explores the identification of the Pleiades cluster and challenges the interpretation by scholar Zecharia Sitchin that the solar system as depicted in astronomical texts is not plausible.

Subsequent lectures will be held on June 29th (“The Circular Astrolabe”), July 13th (“VAT 243: The Solar System Seal”) and July 27th (“The Principals of Divination”). These lectures will delve deeper into ancient astronomical texts and the history of Mesopotamian astronomy, thus providing a comprehensive understanding of the subject matter.

Dr. Lemanski, the speaker, holds a PhD in medieval history and a degree in Assyriology. He is fluent in several foreign languages and has an extensive background in Sumerian and Akkadian studies as well as philosophy. His primary research interest lies in ancient astronomical texts and the history of Mesopotamian astronomy, making him an expert in the field.

The SJPL has indicated that Dr. Lemanski’s lecture series is designed for an adult audience, given the complexity of the topics. Those interested in attending the lectures or inquiring about ADA accommodations can contact the library at 816-232-4038.

In conclusion, these lectures offer a unique opportunity for those interested in ancient astronomy and the history of Mesopotamian astronomy to gain insights from a renowned expert in the field. It also showcases the library’s commitment to fostering intellectual growth and learning within the community.

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