A Free Trip to Space on Jeff Bezos’ Rocket to be Awarded to an Indian

American firm Space Exploration and Research Agency (SERA) has announced plans to offer a “free ride to space” for civilians, including one candidate from India. The company has partnered with Jeff Bezos’ firm Blue Origin to provide an 11-minute journey past the Karman Line, which is considered the boundary of space. According to SERA, the New Shepard rocket from Blue Origin will transport the candidates to space, and then safely return them to Earth.

SERA’s mission is to make space exploration accessible to everyone. They have procured the necessary funding to sponsor this mission, which will include a six-person crew with one member being from India. The Indian representative will be chosen by public voting. Any Indian citizen over the age of 18 can register for the programme by paying a nominal fee of approximately $2.50, which is used to cover the costs of a verification process to ensure fair voting.

Candidates can campaign for votes by sharing their mission profile pages and stories on social media and other resources. The voting process will consist of three rounds of candidate elimination, with people only able to vote for candidates from their own country or region.

The physical requirements and training for the New Shepard flight are minimal, reducing the barrier to entry and allowing for more diverse participation in space exploration. The final crew members chosen for the flight will undergo a three-day training period prior to the flight.

SERA Co-Founder Sam Hutchison clarified that this mission is not aimed at space tourism. Instead, it is a scientific experiment, with a major focus on human physiology. The firm plans to collaborate with a renowned institute to develop these experiments. The mission is also expected to generate significant social impact, following the successful flight of a Brazilian astronaut to space via Blue Origin in 2022.

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